Client Case Study
2020 Companies, a professional-services company, is built on scalable infrastructure, industry-leading speed to market, and benchmark-breaking results that helps its clients achieve their sales and marketing goals. 2020 specializes in creating tailored marketing solutions that helps manufacturers and retailers launch new products, evangelize brands, and penetrate new consumer segments. 2020 Companies differentiates from its competitors by finding the right talent quickly to execute their unique and replicable solutions.

Appcast Sources Specialized Talent for 2020 Companies,

Lowering their Average Cost-Per-Hire by 15%


Traditional jobs boards prove unresponsive in sourcing candidates with specialized skills

2020 Companies struggled filing requisitions that required specialized skills and senior-level experience, such as merchandise managers and sales representatives. These were positions in locations that Will Marzullo, VP of Talent Acquisition, had not heavily recruited for in the past. He commonly hired for quick turnover, easier-to-fill brand ambassador positions using a leading job board.

Because 2020 Companies hires thousands of employees a year, their sourcing strategies are strategically planned based on business needs.

But when applicant traffic slowed during a time-sensitive project, Marzullo knew he needed a new solution. Traditional job boards and aggregators were saturated, unresponsive and failed to bring in leads quickly. Within his existing budget, Marzullo sought Appcast's pay-per-applicant solution as a key driver in getting a better ROI for his new hiring project.


Use rules-based programmatic job ad software to target specific talent and fill a time sensitive initiative

Appcast’s job ad exchange drove an initiative to source the specific type of talent that 2020 Companies needed, using the following solutions:

  • Extensive job distribution in a publisher network of 6,000+ sites - Appcast has more reach than any job board or aggregator in the U.S., ensuring the quality candidates you need are targeted to 60+ million job seekers.
  • Pay-per-applicant job ads - Pay only for completed applications from candidates with specialized skills and senior-level experience.
  • Dashboard to manage budgets – Use a simple dashboard to advertise all open jobs from one centralized location, manage spend, and see results in real-time.
“Appcast is easy to use and understand. For us, we’ve set the cost-per-applicant at a rate that’s directly related to the skills we’re looking for in a candidate and we’re willing to pay more for specialized quality talent, because it’s harder to find.”
-Will Marzullo,
Vice President of Talent Acquisition, 2020 Companies


Appcast sources candidates for all critical positions, provides even more applicants to repurpose for other openings

During the trial period, Appcast drove 50+ quality candidates to 2020 Companies open jobs within five days. Marzullo and his recruiting team were able to hire the talent they needed from those applicants to fill the project in less than 21 days. He was not only able to fill the critical positions he needed to launch the project, but was also able to repurpose many of the original candidates sourced by Appcast for other strategic openings.

With an average cost-per-applicant of $15.00, Marzullo hired top quality specialized talent without wasting resources using a per-click or per-posting model looking for this type of talent on a traditional job board. For only $750 during the trial period, Marzullo and his team was able to lower their cost-per-hire for this new project by 15%.

For $750 in spend during the trial, 2020 Companies lowered their average cost-per-hire by 15%.
50+ high quality candidates were sourced in five days, filling all open positions in the project.
Applicants were interviewed, on average, in five days and hired in 21 days.
“Appcast has the best user interface of all the pay-per-applicant sources I have tried. In fact, the ability to see the dashboard in real-time, view all my jobs, and turn them on/off, and easily raise or lower sponsorship is better than any other job ad platform that I’ve seen.”
-Will Marzullo,
Vice President of Talent Acquisition, 2020 Companies

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