June 4, 2021

So Many Stories, So Few Candidates

Paula Santonocito Headshot
Paula Santonocito
June 4, 2021

Almost every day there’s a new article about the worker shortage. Here are a handful of headlines that link to recent coverage by leading publications.

As you can see, today’s hiring challenges have been well-documented. The solutions, less so.

With this in mind, Appcast decided to take a closer look at the current recruiting climate. The result is our latest whitepaper, Competing for Candidates in 2021 and Beyond.

In this paper, we explain what’s driving the candidate shortage and then use Appcast data to look at apply rate, cost per click, and cost per application in an effort to understand the impact on several key industries: Food Service, Transportation, Warehouse & Logistics, Retail, and Hospitality.

(For those of you wondering about Healthcare, we recently took an in-depth look at Healthcare in the 2021 Healthcare Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report.)

The new paper also includes practical, actionable recommendations that should prove helpful as you compete for candidates.

Without a doubt, headlines like those above are daunting. But, as with other challenges, looking more closely at the situation allows for greater understanding and workable solutions.

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