April 7, 2020

How to Use the Appcast Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report

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April 7, 2020

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Every year, Appcast, like many other companies, releases an annual benchmark report that is chock-full of interesting data, downloaded by many, perused by some, and then tossed aside.

Why does this happen? 

Generally, I think it’s because while the data is interesting, it’s not immediately obvious how to make it useful. Don’t get me wrong, it should be useful, but for most people, how to take advantage of data like this isn’t readily obvious. 

This is in part due to the fact that most of the data is: 

1) in averages

2) is most helpful when layered with other data points

And even so, once it’s layered, how to read the tea leaves of those layers is pretty hard. As a result, we download, we peruse, we move on.  

This year, we are going to try something a bit different. Rather than just provide the benchmark as a benchmark, we are also providing a much more comprehensive way to look at the data: what exactly you should hone in on and what you should do next.

When explored this way, you can dig into not only the “am I doing OK against the market” but also “what factors can I change to improve” and “what’s my best opportunity to get ahead.”

To dig in, download: How to Use the Appcast Benchmark Report, a guide to getting the most out of all this data.

We hope you find this information valuable!

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