Recruitment Marketing Bingo

Apply rates are one part of your recruitment marketing where even the smallest changes can make a HUGE impact! Ready to see how you stack up?

Get your dabber ready and select one answer under the B-I-N-G and O that best reflects your current approach to recruitment marketing... even if you’re not a lucky winner today you’ll still walk away with tips to boost recruitment marketing performance!

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Recruitment Marketing Bingo | Appcast

Recruitment Marketing Bingo

Click 1 answer in each column, then check your card to see if you got Bingo!

Job Title

On average, how many characters are in your job titles?

51 – 60 characters
Fewer than 50 characters
More than 100 characters
More than 80 characters
61 – 80 characters

Job Description Length

On average, how many characters are in your job descriptions?

6,001-8,000 characters
Fewer than 2000 characters
4,001-6,000 characters
2,001-4,000 characters
More than 8,000 characters

Apply Process Time

On average, how long does it take to apply for one of your jobs?

6 – 15 minutes
15 – 20 minutes
5 minutes or less
20 – 25 minutes
More than 25 minutes

Mobile Compatibility

How much can job seekers engage with your jobs from a mobile device?

No idea
Not mobile optimized
View / Click / Apply
View / Click / Apply / Upload Resume
View / Click

Require an Account?

Do you require a job seeker to 'create an account' when applying for a job?

What’s an account?
Not Sure