Ad Manager for Employers

Control Hub for Performance Job Ads

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Programmatically optimize job ad publishers from one dashboard

  • Bring your own publishers.

    Let Ad Manager carry out your recruitment strategy for up to five publishers you work with directly already, like Appcast Exchange, Indeed, Talroo, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and Monster.

  • Make your job ad budget go further.

    Use programmatic ad buying to eliminate wasted spend on jobs that have reached apply goals and automatically shift budget towards the roles that need more.

  • Manage all your ads from one dashboard.

    Use Ad Manager, an upgrade to Appcast Exchange, as a control hub, providing at-a-glance insights, deep analytics, and powerful tools for seamless performance reporting.

  • Take your strategy to the next level.

    Identify key roles, set your budget and let the software do the rest; Ad Manager paces spend and automatically optimizes performance based on market conditions, to deliver more of the right candidates.

How it works

Bring in your publishers.

Organize your direct CPC & CPA publishers in the Ad Manager dashboard.

Set your strategy.

Turn your hiring challenges into powerful candidate acquisition campaigns that automatically turn job ads on and off based on your goals.

Analyze publisher performance.

Track and compare performance of all your publishers with real-time data.

Get more of the right candidates.

Stop wasting spend and put Ad Manager’s programmatic rules to work for your business.

Engaging with our publishers on the Ad Manager platform provides us the opportunity to more closely manage publisher relationships and drive better ROI from our recruitment advertising investments. Having a single dashboard for all job advertising campaigns gives us better visibility into the performance of each, so we can make data-driven decisions about where we are allocating our spend.

Caitlan Ruck
National Director of Recruitment Promotions & Sourcing Strategy