[Now Live] Featured Enhancement: Apply Goals | Appcast

[Now Live] Featured Enhancement: Apply Goals

December 13, 2018 at 02:42 PM

What is it? Now live in Exchange is the addition of Apply Goals. With Apply Goals, key enhancements to the Exchange UI include goal-driven campaign set up, one-click job performance indicators and a 30-day spend and savings outlook.

Why use it? Apply Goals in Exchange can help recruitment advertisers fill all their open roles, without wasting available budget. Rather than a transient approach to recruitment advertising where certain jobs are filled on a one-off basis, the introduction of Apply Goals helps customers develop a more proactive strategy for filling their open roles. This goals-driven experience provides customers a holistic way of understanding how their jobs perform against the goals that they set and build realistic goals moving forward.


Key Features & Functionality

Apply Goals Recruitment advertisers can set realistic apply goals for all campaigns to eliminate overspending on unneeded applies. Any savings can then be re-allocated to the jobs that need more applies.

Job Performance Indicators – New performance indicators help customers easily identify performance. With this new goal classification system, customers can see which jobs are performing, at risk jobs, jobs that need a bit more time or should be sponsored, and jobs that don’t have any goals set. This performance is all denoted with icons on the main dashboard view, helping customers quickly prioritize jobs that need immediate action.

30-Day Wasted/Saved Spend Highlights – High-level reporting supported by the Apply Goals functionality helps customers quantify the value of goal attainment. Recruitment advertisers can better understand wasted spend & savings across all their jobs within a 30-day snapshot. In conjunction with Apply Goals, customers are equipped to set reasonable, realistic goals to achieve greater efficiency.

For more information, download this PDF on Apply Goals or reach out to your Exchange Account Manager.