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[Beta Release] New Dashboard – Month to Date Overview

February 25, 2019 at 09:29 AM

What is it? The Clickcast Month to Date Overview is a new dashboard that provides at-a-glance insight into advertisers’ most important job advertising KPIs. Advertisers can use this insight to see the ROI of their latest strategies, compare performance to prior periods and quickly identify issues that require attention. Clickcast’s industry-leading data visualization tools allow advertisers to view this information for seamless analysis.

Get a preview of the dashboard below:

:Month to Date Dashboard

Why use it? The Month to Date Overview lets Clickcast advertisers track spend pacing against spend goals. These insights give Clickcast advertisers the ability to make insightful decisions throughout the month to better manage spend and deliver on key targets.

Clickcast advertisers can track clicks, applies, CPC, CPA, conversion rate (CR%) and sponsored jobs by day, as well as view the geographic distribution of all active jobs. Advertisers can also click into each dashboard category to view data breakdowns by day.

Data visualizations in the Month to Date Overview can help answer key questions including:

-Month over Month Overview – How has this month’s spend allocation affected applies, CPA, clicks, CPC, sponsored jobs, and CR%? How are my jobs performing compared to last month?

-CR% by Device – Is my candidate traffic converting as well as it has in the past? Can I proactively identify pixel issues or impacts of changes in my ATS or landing page experience?

-Geographic Distribution – Where am I advertising for candidates? Are there places where my spend is misallocated based on high or low candidate availability?

The Month to Date Overview is currently in Beta and can be found in the Tools menu in Clickcast. For questions regarding the Month to Date Overview, please reach out to your Clickcast Account Manager.