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[Now Live] New Feature – Job Content Editor

March 3, 2020 at 09:46 AM

What is it? The Job Content Editor inside Clickcast allows recruitment advertisers to add or edit content to existing job ads at scale. With Job Content Editor, recruitment advertisers can edit the content of multiple jobs at once. Editable fields include 1) job title, 2) company name, and/or 3) the job description. Job Content Editor also measures and tracks the impact of updates and edits made to jobs.

Why use it? Updating job postings can be tedious, manual, and time-consuming. Job Content Editor gives recruitment advertisers a quick and powerful way to add or edit the content of many jobs at once and save valuable time.

Edited job titles and company name fields can help drive increases in clicks and applies. Edited job descriptions can increase job ad apply rates. Changes like these can drastically improve overall candidate flow received from job ads. All performance data is analyzed from the Activity report and is the baseline for understanding how jobs perform after the Content Editor has been used. 

Navigating Job Content Editor:

Leverage Job Content Editor via the Tools List in Clickcast.

Job Content Editor

Editable Fields in Job Content Editor:

Recruitment advertisers can update the three fields below for either performance-media campaigns (CPC, CPAC, CPA, etc.), or postings campaigns (Craigslist, etc). 

  1. Job Title
  2. Company Name
  3. Job Description 


For example, job titles in Job Content Editor could be changed to reflect specific city locations, timeliness, or salary, like below: 

  • Add city and state after job title  i.e. {Job Title} – {City}, {State} 
  • Add “Hiring Now” i.e. {Job Title} – Hiring Now!
  • Add a dynamic field i.e. {Job Title} – Pay {Salary}/hour 


These are a few examples of how Job Content Editor can be used. For more information, please reach out to your Clickcast Account Manager.