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[Now Live] Craigslist for High Volume Hiring

September 28, 2018 at 11:20 AM

What is it? Advertisers in gig, on-demand, retail, and transportation industries often find that Craigslist is a high volume source of candidates. Now, these companies can pre-schedule their Craigslist postings inside Clickcast and harness the potential of this high-volume candidate source.

Why use it? Without intelligent automation, posting jobs to Craigslist is time-consuming, difficult to manage and track, and challenging to understand and optimize ROI. Clickcast customers – particularly those conducting high-volume hiring – can now utilize Craigslist within Clickcast to execute demanding, automated posting strategies to meet hiring goals at scale.

Learn how to post to Craigslist in Clickcast.

Key Features & Functionality:

  • Select specific job ads (or groups, such as ‘all ads in top hiring markets,’ or ‘ads with a particular title’), days of the week, or even a specific time of day that advertisers want to post to Craigslist
  • Advanced reporting reveals which days, times, categories and markets perform best for Craigslist postings
  • Gain visibility into projected spend for budgeting purposes
  • Track down-funnel Craigslist ROI from clicks and CPC media through to applies, and even hires


Example – Craigslist Performance Data

Craigslist Postings - Top Markets by CPA

Craigslist Postings - CPA by Post Date