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[New Report] Now Live – Click Details Report

August 6, 2019 at 09:07 AM

What is it? The Click Details Report in Clickcast empowers advertisers to gain insight into the quality of paid traffic from cost-per-click publishers, based on key performance indicators. The performance categories of CPC traffic in the Click Details Report includes:

  • Latent Clicks – a paid click delivered more than 24 hours after a job stopped being exported to a publisher.
  • Duplicate Clicks – a paid click that is the 2nd or subsequent click on the same job, by the same user, within 24 hours.
  • Foreign Clicks – a paid click from a user that is located outside the job posting country.
  • Bot Clicks – a paid click that has been flagged as a bot by Clickcast.
  • Certified Clicks – a paid click that is not latent, duplicate, foreign, or bot.


Why use the Click Details Report? The Click Details Report gives advertisers clear visibility into the performance of their publishers. By understanding publisher traffic quality – compared to how much is being spent with publishers – advertisers will be able to better allocate their spend to publishers who deliver quality clicks.

CPC publishers also have access to the Click Details Report. With better visibility and access to this performance data, publishers will be able to improve the quality of their candidate traffic and deliver better results for advertisers. By creating the Click Details Report, we hope to provide value for both buyers and sellers in the market. 

Please reach out to your Clickcast Account Manager if you have additional questions about the Click Details Report.