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[New Feature] Now Live – Campaign Segments

January 24, 2019 at 11:46 AM

What is it? A Clickcast Campaign Segment is a subset of jobs, or Child Campaign, within a Parent Campaign. Clickcast customers can scale their recruitment advertising strategy by splitting new or existing campaigns into segments, and allocate funds appropriately across them to drive more targeted candidate acquisition.

For example, if a hospital system needs to find Nurses for three different facilities, Campaign Segments support a “waterfall” approach. Multiple “waterfalls,” or segments within the top-line goal, could be built inside the campaign to obtain nursing candidates across all locations. The advertiser could build a Parent Campaign to control the total budget available for all nursing requisitions, and then use a segment to focus a portion of that budget toward each facility. The advertiser could also set bids to reflect the number of nursing candidates available in each location; or, they could build a segment to bid higher on jobs that had the fewest applicants, or less on the jobs with too many.


Why use it? Campaign Segments provide an easier and more targeted way to make finite advertising choices within an existing workflow in Clickcast, instead of creating various independent campaigns. By building various Campaign Segments into a single spend goal, advertisers can make their budget go further within a Parent Campaign. Campaign segmentation supports a more granular level of campaigning, as well as reporting. Advertisers can utilize a cleaner campaigning structure that is easier for various parties to work from inside of Clickcast.

With all campaign elements now viable for segmentation, the possibilities for media buying within Clickcast are endless. Some Campaign Segments use-cases include:

  • Tiered segments based on
    • region or market
    • bidding strategy
    • publisher mix
    • job age
    • conversion rates
  • Tiered segments that target various performance-based rules to make bidding or publisher level adjustments, for example:
    • high-performing jobs (by volume or conversation rate)
    • low-performing jobs (by volume or conversion rate)
    • aged jobs (older or newer jobs)


Key Features & Functionality

  • Segmentation is available for any campaign element – keywords, category, location, or performance rules.
  • Spend goals are allocated across multiple advertising segments, but rolled up into a single campaign spend goal
  • Customized bidding can be enabled across a smaller subset of jobs, by building a segment within a Parent Campaign
  • Workflow enhancements support waterfall campaigning
  • Saves advertisers time on campaign creation by copying the existing settings from the parent campaign
  • Deeper reporting insights provide the ability to select and look at drilled-down criteria in Campaigns or Campaign Segments


For more information on Campaign Segments, please reach out to your Clickcast Account Manager.