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Recruiting in 2023: How to Prepare For a Not So Typical Recession

The UK is slipping into recession, which will be uncharted waters for many recruiters. Is it time to buckle up and prepare for the…

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Quits Rates and Recruiting

Why can’t hiring organizations fill open positions? This is the question Appcast has…
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Surge in Hiring Reflects Strong Demand, But Labor Force Has Not Yet Recovered

The October jobs report showed strong demand for workers. The U.S. created 531,000…
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Holiday Hiring in a Tight Labor Market

With the holiday season quickly approaching, employers in retail, transportation, warehousing & logistics,…
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Recruiting Trends: What to Expect in 2022

Here’s to you, 2021. You’ve certainly tried our resolve. And yet we’re still…
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The Job Market Hasn’t Normalized from Delta Yet

The September jobs report was a disappointment, as the Delta variant prevented a…
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Recruiting News Alert: When Will the Labor Market Normalize?

Enjoy this webinar recording where Appcast’s Labor Economist, Andrew Flowers, presents the most recent data on the state of the job market.
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One Chart Shows the Unprecedented Challenge for Recruiters

It’s a challenging time for recruiters. There is a fundamental mismatch between the…
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Delta Slowed The Jobs Recovery In August

The August jobs report sent a clear signal: The Delta impact on hiring…

How to Use Data and Insights to Make Better Recruitment Advertising Decisions

If you’re a talent acquisition leader, you understand the importance of data when…