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Healthcare Solutions Team uses Appcast to Reach More Licensed Insurance Professionals

Healthcare Solutions Team
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Since 2007, Healthcare Solutions Team has been committed to creating a band of health insurance advisers that make affordable health care accessible to everyone. Through dedication to the success of their clients, Healthcare Solutions Team has figured out a way to cover Americans with premier health and dental insurance plans and make low-cost medical insurance a reality.

Alice Hoffman, a Recruiter at Healthcare Solutions Team, is responsible for meeting the hiring needs of all recruiting leaders, as well as managing the company’s candidate sources. As a remote employee based in Portland, Oregon, a big part of her role is coordinating with the team based in the Chicago headquarters. On top of that, she manages her own team of recruiters.

“I listen to our recruiting leaders… the team members who actually get the people in seats and interviewed… A lot of times, I’m working with leaders who say they want to build a team in a new market,” Hoffman said. “So, then I hit the ground running in the new location and try to build a team there.”

Recruitment advertising portal consolidation helps Healthcare Solutions Team drive more candidate volume in specific markets

Building out new markets presented challenges, however. The nationwide low unemployment rate, as well as the complexity of managing various vendors, made hiring people quickly a constant challenge. “Within the past eleven months, we had five different candidate sources turn-over,” Hoffman said. “It’s been challenging to get honest answers and have helpful, consistent communication with our vendors.”

Hoffman turned to Appcast as an all-inclusive “one-stop shop” for her recruitment advertising needs. With Appcast, she could manage all of her open requisitions and markets within one recruitment dashboard.

Serving potential insurance professionals with more targeted, relevant ads

“Golden ticket” candidates for Healthcare Solutions Team are the job seekers who apply to health insurance sales agent roles already licensed to sell insurance. While some recruiting leaders do interview candidates who are unlicensed with the intent of building them up, Hoffman has been able to set internal benchmark metrics to support reaching licensed candidates. “While yes, different teams have varying perspectives on ‘what a good candidate is,’ with Appcast, we’ve set up a different advertising strategy within each market,” Hoffman said. “If we need more qualified candidates in the Tampa market, for example, we can adjust our strategy just within that location to drive the interest that we need.”

As part of their candidate targeting initiative, Hoffman’s Appcast support team took a consultative approach in fine-tuning her ads to better reach the right job seekers. With tweaks to the wording of their job titles and job descriptions, as well as supporting geographic expansion, Hoffman has gained invaluable insight to drive the most from her limited budget.

“There are lots of people looking for insurance jobs in New York City. We’ve had to learn about our markets and how they perform… Appcast’s data has played a key part in understanding how we can optimize each market,” Hoffman said.

Tracking and analytics support a seamless screening process

Hoffman set up tracking to view Appcast-sourced candidates from all of her advertising campaigns within her Homegrown ATS. With this infrastructure, she’s able to track all candidates once they start an application, complete an application, if they’re contracted, or if they are in the interview process.

She looks at source performance from two different lenses – candidate quality and candidate volume. Consistently out-performing her other sources in both categories, Hoffman has focused most of her reliance on Appcast to deliver the candidates that she needs.

Given that Exchange allows Hoffman to be flexible with her budget, she evaluates her sources regularly and analyzes performance. With Exchange, Hoffman increases her budgets to drive more candidate volume depending on her needs at any given time. “I want to give my budget to a source – and a team of people – that I know that I can trust and work with. Appcast is one of those providers for us.”

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