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Appcast Premium Delivers Candidates for Corizon Health’s Hardest-to-Fill Positions

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The Challenge: Corizon Health needed to find highly skilled, essential healthcare professionals to fill their open positions.

When getting started with Appcast, Corizon Health was facing numerous challenges recruiting for specialized and in-demand roles. Angad Madra, Talent Acquisition Manager at Corizon Health, is responsible for talent acquisition in Michigan as well as overseeing all staffing and vendor relations. The types of open jobs vary – many of them being hard-to-fill behavioral health roles like psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and social workers, as well as registered nurses and other clinical positions. Many have long screening and interview processes – making having a consistently available & reliable pipeline of qualified talent even more crucial.

Given the tough & remote working environment of correctional facilities – which only became exacerbated by COVID-19 – many of Corizon’s hardest-to-fill roles became even more challenging after the pandemic hit. Given team and budget constraints, Madra and his team needed a solution to quickly increase the number of applicants they were receiving for their open positions across all hiring locations.

The Solution: Appcast’s recruitment advertising experts dug into Corizon Health’s data to steer their job advertising strategy in the right direction 

Other programmatic job advertising providers that Madra worked with in the past had been expensive and lacked the data transparency and support he needed. 

During Corizon Health’s pilot with Appcast, the Premium team uncovered Corizon Health’s challenges and set up a job advertising strategy across all candidate sources to make sure they’d be receiving enough applicants for the right costs across all correctional facilities.

“Compared to other programmatic job advertising vendors we piloted, Appcast has been a highly responsive partner,” Madra said. “It’s nice to have a real team of experts to talk with regularly, rather than struggling through a ticketing system. Especially when the COVID-19 pandemic happened, like all healthcare providers, our industry took a hit; our Appcast Premium team understood and adapted to our talent acquisition struggles during that time.” 

The Results: Lower average cost-per-applicants for some of the hardest hiring in healthcare

Appcast consistently delivered a steady pipeline of highly qualified healthcare talent since the beginning of the partnership with Corizon Health. During the pilot period alone, Appcast delivered 150+ Nurse Practitioner candidates for 30% lower CPA’s than industry benchmarks. Corizon Health also received twice as many Registered Nurse candidates from Appcast compared to their other sources.

In addition to the steady volume of applications at a low cost, for Madra, the data transparency and easy reporting have had an eye-opening impact on his recruiting operation. Now, Madra and the Appcast Premium team can be more intentional with how he’s allocating his limited budgets.

“The main dashboard is great – I’m able to easily see where I’m attracting candidates and where I’m not,” Madra said. “Now I can quickly understand, ‘In what markets do I have available nurses and doctors? Are they seeing our open positions?’

“On top of that, our Appcast Premium team is the best. We now have somebody we can go to that will provide us with the support and knowledge that we need.”

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