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What is the Appcast Publisher Network?

Members of Appcast’s Publisher Network get access to hundreds of thousands of employer jobs.

Earning potential is unlimited with the cost-per-applicant ad exchange, used by the largest ‘job’ CPC buyers in the world.

The network has 250,000+ open jobs.

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250,000+ OPEN JOBS

10,000+ JOB SITES


Premium Inventory

Get access to hundreds of thousands of premium employer sponsored jobs.

Direct to Employer

All jobs are high quality, direct to employer positions (no competitors harassing your traffic).

Revenue Performance

Since you are paid on the quality of your traffic, effective CPC yields ranges from $0.20 to 2.00.

Source Attribution

Source attribution of the applies you drive through the platform.

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What is Clickcast Certification?

Clickcast solves for any discrepancy between your own data reporting and Clickcast’s data, at an industry leading standard of a 2% margin.

Join the trend towards buying on certified publisher platforms to ensure that buying is based on the most accurately reported data.

Maximize your revenue today - become Clickcast Certified.

Buyer Network

Get 'built-in' to the job ad buying platform used by the largest 'job' CPC buyers in the world.

Get Inventory

Buyers can start sending you inventory with three clicks of a mouse. It's that simple.


Trust that your performance will be measured using real data on clicks, spend, applies, and hires.

Level Playing Field

Performance is measured in real-time on all publishers so you know you're getting a fair chance.

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