Client Case Study

Sodexo touches the lives of 75 million consumers in 80 countries every day. In North America alone, Sodexo serves more than 15 million consumers at 9,000+ client sites. Wherever the company is working, their dedication to making every day a better day for people and organizations comes from one goal — to positively improve Quality of Life.

Appcast Helps Sodexo Recruit Quality Candidates Across 9,000+ Client Locations


Frequently changing positions and locations prove difficult in consistently filling the candidate pipeline

Sodexo is responsible for hiring at 9,000+ client level locations across the country and needed help attracting quality candidates for the wide variety of positions they fill, all requiring different skill sets. Frequency of changing positions and hiring areas made consistency in the candidate pipeline a significant challenge.

Kristen Jacobs, Employment Branding Sourcing Manager at Sodexo, needed a finely-targeted, adaptable and cost-effective solution to help attract quality candidates.


Smart programmatic job advertising and optimization through Appcast's publisher network

Appcast participated in Sodexo’s pilot, driving applicants from 6,000+ consumer and niche job sites to the organization’s open jobs. Appcast’s programmatic job ad distribution made it easy for Jacobs to set budgets by job category and cap the number of applies needed based on the cost-per-application at the individual job level, across any of her client locations. Through active communication with her Appcast account manager, Jacobs could see real-time, automated performance details of every open job ad she sponsored.

Appcast’s pay-per-applicant model supported the areas that needed to be impacted:

  • High quality candidate applies –

    Strategically focus reach within Appcast’s publisher network of 6,000+ job and consumer sites, reaching over 60 million candidates.

  • Real-time mobile apply data –

    Appcast’s all-inclusive dashboard provides comparison data by desktop and mobile apply rates at the individual job level.

  • Structured vendor communication –

    Frequent two-way communication is crucial in defining performance benchmarks on the quality of applicants needed to keep the pipeline filled.

“Part of the uniqueness of our relationship with Appcast is that we meet regularly, we look at the data together, and we partner on gaining insights. It is a unique format established for our close relationship.”
-Kristen Jacobs,
Employment Branding Sourcing Manager, Sodexo


Substantial cost savings combined with higher quality candidates sourced across multiple job groups… a sweet success

Since using Appcast, Sodexo has been able to source, and ultimately hire, qualified candidates at a much lower cost than their previous vendors.

In each of the job groups Sodexo sponsored with Appcast in 2015, the tool consistently ranked as one of their top performing media sources of qualified candidates.

“The cost with Appcast is very competitive, compared to the other partners that we have worked with to source qualified candidates. Some of our partners are double to triple the cost of what we have been getting with Appcast since 2014.”
-Kristen Jacobs,
Employment Branding Sourcing Manager, Sodexo

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