Client Case Study
American Wedding Group (AWG) is the nation's foremost provider of wedding photography, video and disc jockey. Through both house brands and leading industry partners, AWG provides a complete suite of award-winning services by utilizing their national professional network and in-house video and photography production facilities. With a rich history of artistry, quality, and innovation, American Wedding Group services exceed expectations at every level.

Appcast ‘Turbo Boosts’ Recruitment Success in

Hard-to-Fill Markets for American Wedding Group


Trouble meeting new business demand, lack of reach in hard-to-fill markets

American Wedding Group struggled finding quality talent in markets where the company needed help meeting new business demand. As a wedding services business, the company relies on recruiting people with special expertise (e.g. videographers, photographers, disc jockeys) in order to take on new clients. Extending reach and hiring in hard-to-fill markets was a top-priority of the executive team at American Wedding Group in order to continue growing the company.

Scott Mitchell, Director of Production at American Wedding Group, leads the organization’s recruiting efforts and had been comfortably hiring between 450 and 550 new independent contractors each year. With a long-term goal of hiring 800+ new employees by the end of 2016, the ability for Mitchell to have full control of his budget was going to be key in driving their hiring initiative.


Sponsor and direct spend to only the jobs that need more applies by leveraging rules-based, programmatic job advertising

American Wedding Group appreciated that Appcast would serve as a smart, concentrated tool to help their strategy by programmatically distributing jobs that needed more applies across an extensive publisher network.

After a thorough account analysis and consultation, Appcast drove a new pilot for American Wedding Group using the following solutions:

  • Deep network in hard-to-fill markets – Strategically focus reach to quickly attain quality applicants in specific cities.
  • Pay-per-applicant – Only pay when an application is completed on your corporate career site, improving the ROI of your job ad spend.
  • Real-time reporting dashboard - Get all the useful data you need, such as how many people have viewed or applied, average apply time, click-to-apply, mobile vs. desktop performance, and more!
“To be able to walk into a room and tell our CEO that we could try Appcast for free, a product that would better our recruitment strategy, implement easily with our ATS, and that they were going to give us $500 of their own money to try it out, was truly phenomenal.”
-Scott Mitchell,
Director of Production, American Wedding Group


High quality videographers, photographers, and disc jockeys hired in new markets

Appcast sourced higher volumes of quality applicants, and in less time, enhanced American Wedding Group’s existing strategy. With a programmatic, ‘rules-based’ approach to how his job ads were sponsored across the web, Mitchell could set specific criteria for what he needed from his job ads, then let Appcast do the rest: ‘turbo boost’ the ROI of his recruitment media. Best of all, the integration with his applicant tracking system, Jobvite, made Appcast easy to use in his entire recruiting operation.

Unlike Mitchell’s other vendors, he could now completely control how his budget was being spent through the programmatic capabilities of the ad exchange, and gain transparent, real-time data into the performance of his ads. By sponsoring or un-sponsoring job groups, paying only for applies, and capping the level of applies needed at the individual job level, he could finely target his allotted budget. Appcast guaranteed with certainty that American Wedding Group’s spend would drive only the results they needed: completed applications from quality candidates.

Applicants were interviewed, on average, in 9 days, and hired within 15 days.
Candidates were 50% better quality than candidates from all of American Wedding Group’s other sources.
Attained 53 quality candidates for $600 in spend during the first 30 days.
“It's taking what we're doing, and enhancing it intelligently. We're putting money in the right place, rather than throwing money out there and hoping things get fixed.”
-Scott Mitchell,
Director of Production, American Wedding Group

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